NY Times

I illustrated a five-part series for the The New York Times

Moderat Video

I did some drawings for the official music video Bad Kingdom from MODERAT

German Design Glossary

Book published to accompany the 'Driven by German Design' exhibition in Qatar, with one illustration per entry covering design topics, designers and products.

Stanislav Tolkachev –
Champion’s Breakfast

Artwork – EP – Champion’s Breakfast – Stanislav Tolkachev, Label: Raw Waxes, April 2018

Naughty Xmas Market

Poster for the erotic-themed Christmas Market at Urban Spree, Berlin 2017.

Djs Parejas Alto Remixes

Artwork for Djs Parejas Alto Remixes EP

Cockaigne Exhibition

Flyer artwork for my first solo exhibition COCKAIGNE at Westwerk Hamburg, Sep. 2017

Various animations


Red Bull Music Academy

Illustrations for Redbull Music Academy, 2016–2018

Smart Shot magazine

Illustrations for the first edition of Smart Shot, the new publication from Foto Magazin dedicated to smartphone photography, June 2017


four-part series for W&V magazine

Robert Johnson Poster

Poster Artwork for: Robert Johnson (Germany), 2017

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson (Germany), 2017


This series started as hand-drawn illustrations that I shared with Serial Cut, the Madrid-based image studio, who recreated them in CGI

Objects & Characters

Objects & Characters, 2008–2017

Centuria 2012

On the occasion of the 2012 end-of-the-world scenarios as predicted by the Mayans and Nostradamus, I produced the newspaper CENTURIA


Collectable ink on paper

Haiku and Simone Gatto – Sonntagnacht

Artwork - EP - Sonntagnacht - Haiku and Simone Gatto, Label: Raw Waxes, November 2015

Nike Campaign

The Berlin poster series of the „Lauf Nicht Renn“ campaign was designed by Yukiko Design, and I illustrated two of the posters


Artwork for CocktaildAmore LP Compilation "Nothing Matters When We're Dancing" and poster. Release Dez 2014

Adi Gelbart – Preemptive musical offering to satisfy our future masters

Artwork for LP - Preemptive musical offering to satisfy our future masters by ADI GELBART

Lee Holman – One Man Army / Remixes

Artwork - EP - One Man Army - Lee Holman, Label: Raw Waxes, May 2016 Artwork - EP - One Man Army / Remixes - Lee Holman, Label: Raw Waxes, March 2017

GROOVE magazine CD artwork

CD artwork for GROOVE magazine I did

The Noisemaker – A place where the desert meets the ocean

Artwork - EP - A place where the desert meets the ocean - The Noisemaker, Label: Raw Waxes, Nov 2016

Felix Kubin – Bakterien und Batterien

Artwork for LP - Bakterien und Batterien by Felix Kubin and Mitch & Mitch, Label: GAGARIN Records, December 2013


Illustrations for me.urban magazine, Issue Dec 2015, Issue May 2015

brand eins

Illustrations for brand eins magazine, 2010–2018

Böll Thema (Magazine)

Illustrations for articles on the subject of change trough technology, written by the journalist Kathrin Röggla. Published in Issue 1, 2018

Beam Club Mosaic Wall

I was asked to design a seven-meter long mosaic wall for the newly constructed Beam club in Thailand

sushi 15

I did some illustrations for the latest issue of sushi "Magazine for young creativity"

Autostadt Journal

Illustrations and Gif-animations for Autostadt Journal print and online magazine, September / October 2015

Autostadt Journal online

Illustrations and Gif-animations for Autostadt Journal print and online magazine, September / October 2015

Musik Express

Illustrations for Musik Express, February 2014–2017

Uni Spiegel

Illustration for Uni SPIEGEL, Year 2014–2018

Gestalten, The Craft Beer Book

I create some drawings for THE CRAFT BEER BOOK from the publishing house gestalten

BEEF magazine

Illustrations for a complete special edition about beer for Beef magazine, Issue january 2014

Enkelfähig Magazine

Illustrations for Enkelfähig Magazine,#8, July 2014


Illustrations for Fluter magazine and Fluter online


Illustrations for the newspaper DIE ZEIT

me.style Mø

I did the concept and the illustrations for a fashion shoot with the singer for the fashion magazine me.style. Winter 2014


Feature about my work / NOVUM magazine, January 2014

FROH! magazine

Illustrations for FROH! #10, 2013

Trend Update

Illustration for Trend Update magazine, 2014


Illustration for Sleek #42, 6 pages advertorial / VW Polo, Summer 2014


Cover illustration for GROOVE-Magazin, July 2016 Illustration for GROOVE-Magazin, Dec 2012

Strapazin No. 125

Here are the two double pages that I contributed to the Swiss comic magazine Strapazin on the topic of collecting

Sozialcourage Magazine

Illustration for Sozialcourage magazine, winter 2016. Published in Germany by Caritas, the issue focused on ways to bring help to people in debt

taz column

Illustrations of the "hashtag of the day" column for Berlin's Taz, which re-launched with a new design in 2017

Sugar East Bar NY

I created seven illustrations for Sugar East, one of the few smoking bars in New York


I was asked by fashion magazine me.style to illustrate this issue’s introduction feature on the topic of “Past Forward”, Oct 2016


Campaign by Mancheck on available prevention methods for men who have sex with men


Artworks for OSRAM Deutschland magazine illustrating a new high-definition lighting system for cars. Dec 2016

L’Officiel Hommes

7 Illustrations for the german fashion magazine L'Officiel Hommes, Topic: MOVE, March 2016

art magazine

Report in the art magazine, September 2013, about the new illustration scene in Berlin

The Design Book 2013

Some illustrations for The Design Book 2013 Living - Decorating - Designing / from Zitty-Berlin

Haus der Kulturen der Welt – Berlin

Illustration for The Anthropocene Project – an Opening at HKW Berlin, 2013

fluter online

Some gif-animations for fluter online, 2014

der Freitag

Illustrations for the newspaper der Freitag, November 2013

kinki – magazine

Illustrations for kinki magazine, Issue #29, 2010

Connections Nightclub

Club Flyer Artworks for: Connections Nightclub (Australia), April 2017

Dalston Superstore

Club Flyer Artworks for: Dalston Superstore (UK), 2107


Club Flyer Artworks for: Watergate (Germany), Flyer March 2015


Club Flyer Artworks for: Berghain (Germany) www.berghain.de

Flash Poster

two colour silksceen prints / 70 × 95 cm edition of 20 each / 2012


Illustration for NEON Magazine / Issue 08 / 2011


Series of three posters created for the party series Plastic at Schwuz in Berlin, 2018

Which science for Lotto-Magazin

Free drawing series for Lotto-Magazine

Videos & Collaborations, 2008–2012

Centuria 2012, Zyklus I, Serenity, Braindance, Agonie, Orchester 2, Machtprobe

If never been there

Zine / self published, 2010 Edding on paper, silk screen cover

Die Drei

A comic about three boards, who explore where they come from and about their destiny.

Blue concept

Blue concept, Ink on paper / 21 × 29,7 cm / 2011


Edding on paper and T-shirt design for the record label Le Petit Mignon

YO!SISSY – Music Festival

Poster illustrations for the first queer music festival in Berlin YO!SISSY 2015

Agonie – Collage

Collage, Acryl on paper, 42 × 59,4 cm, 2009

Mitteschön Magazine

Poster + Portrait illustration for the berliner Mitteschön-Magazine #12 / Aug 2011 Text by Henning Straßburger

PAGE magazine

Cover illustration for PAGE magazine, Issue february 2014

Tidsskriftet journal

Cover artwork for the Norwegian scientific journal Tidsskriftet

STAY Openair Berlin

STAY Openair at Griessmühle Berlin


Illustrations for DUMMY magazine,
Issue "PAIN", 2013

Scarf collection

Limited-edition scarf collection based on two patterns, specially created for jewel designer Felix Doll

Zeit Campus

Illustration for Zeit Campus Magazine 2011–2013


Illustration + Cover for De:Bug Magazine,
Issue #04, 2013

Korner Club

Poster Artwork for Korner Club (Taiwan), 2016

Voestalpine Magazine

Illustration for the swiss Voestalpine Magazine, #1 Future