Videos & Collaborations, 2008–2012

Centuria 2012, Loop from daktus on Vimeo

Zyklus I
Animation: Benedikt Rugar, Sebastian Lörscher, Céline Van de Velde, Xaver Xylophon
Technic: Stopmotion, Time: 1:41 min, Sound: Malte Seddig, KHB 2010

Gather your strength, protect yourself in armour and ignite the bomb. Move into combat with yourself and grow from it. „Zyklus“, a short and brisk arousal of icy bark and sharp branches.

Animation by Benedikt Rugar 2009, Music by Vernon & Burns, Technic: 2-D Animation, Time: 3:04 min

Flatsch – and you are out there in the world. There is no way back. Thus you collect what you have been given on the way and set off for a journe Serenity was nominated for the MuVi Award 2010 – Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Animation by Benedikt Rugar 2010, Technic: 2-D Animation, Time: 1:40 min, Sound: Malte Seddig, DVD-Trailer video

Animation by Benedikt Rugar 2009, Technic: stop motion, Time: 5:32 min

„Black and white spheres stimulate Grace Jones to eat sausages and catch the man in the box playing with his excrements. It’s a strive for harmony and yet everything is in a state of rejection. An endless struggle of good versus evil. In the end everyone has to go into purgatory. Even the house we’re living in will burn.“ The film Agony shows the joke without punchline in it’s attempt to defy the fear.

Orchester 2
Animation by Benedikt Rugar 2009, Music by Felix Kubin, Technic: 2-D Animation, Time: 2:33 min

Two white males are standing in a line. Something is lurking around the corner. That is to be him. Two greedy hands are getting closer. The dance around the head has started.

Animation by Benedikt Rugar 2008, Technic: 2-D Animation, Time: 3:57 min

The Model with the slobber-head is walking for the last time and the loughter of the bearlike man has already been fallen into silence.