Cockaigne Exhibition

Flyer and pictures from my solo exhibition at Westwerk Hamburg, 2017


Opening: Thursday 21 September 2017, 7 pm
From 9 pm, live performance by the art group Baby Of Control and dj-set by Felix Kubin

Exhibition: 22 September – 1 October 2017, Tue–Fri 5–8 pm,
Sat –Sun 3–7 pm

Link Westwerk
Link Baby Of Control

Futuristic scenarios, inhabited by fragments from the worlds of comics, technical drawing, Pop Art and Abstraction. Anthropomorphic elements swirling in a love dance, boring holes into each other, or floating aimlessly in a white space like still-lifes from a different world. Only tufts of hair or single bodily pieces testify to human existence.

Benedikt Rugar presents his first solo exhibition, Cockaigne
(or Schlaraffenland in German, a utopia of overflowing excess where everyday rules are turned on their head), with artworks created especially for Westwerk, including wall drawings and prints as well as video and animation. Welcome to the oozing paranoid world of excess, in the lake of pitch-black syrup.

Felix Kubin